• Tourist Attractions in Sydney are certainly very many and easy to find, it is not surprising because the city of Sydney is the oldest, largest, and most beautiful of all cities in Australia. Sydney is located in the midst of an amazing mix of land and sea. In Sydney you can take a walk along the harbor, see the magnificent Opera House sparkling in the sun, and admire the charming Harbor bridge. It seems hard to imagine that the capital of the state of New South Wales was once a place of convict colonies.

    You can go exploring Sydney, down narrow cobbled streets and very interesting historical buildings and city museums, where you can also learn about the Aboriginal people of Gadigal, who are a native of Australia's land. Finding transportation to New South Wales attractions is arguably very easy. Sydney really offers interesting places that must be visited while on vacation in Australia.

    Sydney Tower Eye Entry Ticket

    Enjoy the beautiful views of the city skyline at the Sydney Tower Eye Entry which has a height of up to 309 meters. Sydney Tower is the tallest building in the city and one of Australia's state landmarks (besides the Opera House and Harbor Bridge). The tower rises in the very busy Centrepoint shopping center. There is an express lift that will take you to the observation deck at the top, or often called SKYWALK, here you will stand on a glass floor in the open and see the atmosphere from a height.

    What a perfect place to test adrenaline while admiring the city of Sydney. But take it easy, everything is well prepared and certainly safe. You can enjoy views of Sydney and its surroundings or dine in one of the restaurants or cafes located there. There is also a 4D cinema, which provides an overview of the main icons of the city of Sydney.

    Taronga Zoo Entry Ticket

    At the Taronga Zoo Entry Ticket, you can enjoy close-up encounters with iconic Australian wildlife and other animals from around the world, of course coupled with extraordinary views of the city of Sydney. Located along the north side of the harbor, this zoo is located in the luxurious suburb of Mosman. Favorite areas in Taronga Zoo include Lemur Walk-Through, Koala Encounter, and Seal Show.

    If you depart from the city, the bus to the zoo departs from Wynyard. You can also take a ferry at Circular Quay. So in addition to tourist attractions in Melbourne Australia, Taronga Zoo in Sydney is also suitable as your dream vacation spot.

    Blue Mountains Unlimited Discovery Pass

    The Blue Mountains are only two hours from Sydney by car or transportation in Sydney such as trains, and you have arrived at the 'Greater Blue Mountains' World Heritage Site which will be your next great adventure spot! Find the best views of the park along with a number of amazing rides and paths. Beat the fear of heights by driving the Scenic Railway, the steepest passenger train in the world, where you will feel the sensation of 52 degrees uphill.

    The Blue Mountains Unlimited Discovery Pass's topography is indeed very dramatic. This wilderness provides a place for rock climbing, canoeing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, horse riding and camping. Everything is presented here. If you are not adventurous, you can see this forest area through the heights by riding the Scenic World Blue Mountains, which is a cable car with a transparent glass train wall.

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